Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cresting the hill

We have about made the half-way mark through Lent. We've crested the hill and are on the walk down towards Holy Week and Easter. Time flies! Sharon's sermon on Sunday has us thinking about the seeds we should be planting in the "tobacco cans" of our hearts (remembering her childhood on the farm!). Seeds of hope, appreciation, sharing our faith are a few - in our woolly theology group we added acceptance, patience, and kindness.
Something else to ponder, quietly, during a quiet day for example, is prayer. In our quiet day on March 24 we will be making our own book of hours as we contemplate the 7 times of the day that have been traditional prayer times. Please call the church (403-782-6310) to register. Lunch will be provided.
 - Pastor Lee

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